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Bulk Update Tracking for Orders - Shopify Partner App

Actualización masiva de tracking económico y fácil de usar
The market leading solution to bulk update order tracking on Shopify. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, updating shipping status in bulk has never been easier..

With our tool, you will have full control over your shipping process, without the need to use multiple expensive applications. Simplify order management, save time and money, and take your business to the next level with Massive Update Tracking.

What’s the cost?

You will be surprised by the low cost of our solution compared to other tracking applications on the market. By using Bulk Tracking Update for orders, you will not only save on additional expenses due to removing manual work, but you will also gain more control over your orders. Get complete and detailed visibility of each shipment, make informed decisions and provide your customers with accurate and real-time information about their packages through your own Shopify simply by updating the tracking url.

Why choose us?

    1. Easy use: Our tool has been designed with comfort and ease of use in mind. You don’t need to have advanced technical knowledge to use it. Our intuitive interface will allow you to update bulk shipping status quickly and easily.
    2. Low cost: We are proud to offer a solution for mass tracking updates at a highly competitive price. Our focus is to provide you with quality service at an affordable price. You will save yourself the additional costs associated with other tracking applications on the market.
    3. Greater control over your orders: With our tool, you’ll have complete control over your orders. You’ll be able to carry out detailed monitoring of each shipment in your store, make informed decisions and provide your customers with accurate and real-time information about their packages. You will get full visibility and be able to efficiently manage your shipping processes.
    4. Support and customer service: We care about your satisfaction and success. We’ve a highly trained support team that will be available to answer your questions and provide any assistance you need. We’re committed to providing you with exceptional customer service.
    5. Seamless Integration with Shopify: Our tool is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with the Shopify platform. You won’t have to deal with technical complications or compatibility issues. Implementation will be quick and easy.

Frecuently Asked Question (F.A.Q)

Everything you ask yourself and their answers

No, it’s extremely simple, since you simply press “Install the app in your Shopify store” and it will redirect you to the official Shopify App Store and in a couple of clicks you can start updating the tracking of your orders massively.

You simply have to download the template and fill in the required fields to upload the CSV. To review the steps in more detail, you can see our user manual.

No, you can update the number of orders in bulk as many times and as many orders as you need.

No, you simply install the app and the charge will appear on a monthly basis on your monthly Shopify bill.

No, you can uninstall when you need it, simply uninstall the app from your store and monthly charges will stop being generated.

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